Variable Air Volume Controls


KROSS AIR manufactures Variable Air Volume (VAV)control
assemblies,which are normally,used in central air
conditioning systems.These VAV boxes are designed to suit
to control the volume flow rate of the conditioned air in to an
occupied zone in response to a duct static pressure or,zone
temperature control signal.
KROSS AIR VAV Single duct relief unit provides energy
saving by maintaining constant room temperature with
low-pressure drops,by Variable Air Volume supplies,at
the lowest prime cost for the popular low and medium pres-
sure package air handling or air conditioning systems.
KROSS AIR VAV terminals are suitable for both constant
and Variable Air Volume supplies with options of
pneumatic,electronic or digital controls to suit most of the
various applications on controls.

l These controls allow the VAV units to monitor the desired flow rate as directed by the thermostat and
compensate the requirement instantly for any changes in supply air pressure which tend to alter the supply
air volume.
l Room temperature control is achieved by supplying the required quantity of cool or hot air,to the conditioned
zone to satisfy the room thermostat demand.Excess air is returned directly to the return air
plenum for Bypass models or increase static pressure in the main duct for Pressure independent models.
l These VAV units are designed to meet the stringent noise criteria (NC 35)required in the specified
zone without the incorporation of any additional attenuation,under normal design conditions.
l All VAV units can be coupled with multiple outlet plenums or electric heating coils or discharge attenuators.
l Number of sizes are available which are capable of handling air volumes ranging from 35 Lt/sec to 1500 Lt/sec.
All VAV terminals are compact in size,light in weight and easy in installation at site.
l The unit ranges are suitable for either by pass or pressure dependent or pressure independent or tem-
perature dependent applications.With a capabilty of handling induct static pressure upto 750 Pa.
l All Variable Air Volume units are designed to ensure airtight operations with low leakage factor of +3
per international standards DW 142 class   C.
l All VAVs are internally lined,sealed and manufactured as per nternational standards and confirmed to
NFPA 90 A and UL 181 standards for erosion.

Standard Types and Models
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