Valves & Nozzles


Disc Valves
KROSS AIR manufactures disc valves, which meet the contemporary room design and are superbly adaptable for any type of ceilings, walls, and its edges, are shaped to fit almost any design and flush with the surrounding ceiling tiles. They are suitable for all types of ventilation systems and depending on the application, different constructions are available for supply and extract air. Rotating the central disc can change the air volume setting. The Supply or Exhaust air pattern is uniformly circular. The disc valves normally used in the central air conditioning systems, where space is an important factor standard supply is white powder coated color in finish, and can be powder coated in different colors to match with the false ceiling grid or tile.
Jet Nozzle
KROSS AIR manufactures Jet Nozzles, which are designed to use mainly in HVAC systems for the supply of conditioned (cool / hot) air from the jet diffuser, has to travel a large distance to the occupied zone. Where the distribution of air via ceiling diffusers is not possible. The jet nozzles are placed in the corners and at high level areas. Jet Nozzles are used normally in large rooms like Mega Malls, Airports, Auditoriums, Sports Arenas, Hyper markets, Zoos etc  KROSS AIR Jet Nozzle are suitable for vertical, inclined and   rizontal air discharge applications, where spot heating or cooling is required such as entrances and concentrated areas of machinery which have high heat loads. They can be mounted in any angle, due to itd air pattern can be aitered to any angle to the occupaid zone, at any given time.

Standard Types and Models
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