Sound Attenuators


Low noise level achievement has always been one of the key features of building design. In recent years noise control has become an important criteria due to increasing environmental awareness and thefects of noise on health, safety, comfort and efficiency. Control of the acoustical environment in a building means that all of the factors that may lead to noise problems must be fully considered. This means noise control of HVAC systems, controlling transmission of sound between rooms, protecting hallways, offices and other structures from high noise areas, and providing maximum privacy where needed.
KROSS AIR manufactures new range of Sound Attenuators by adopting latest manufacturing technique in fabrication and by using Computer Aided Design software for selecting proper and economical attenuators which are vastly used for both HVAC and industrial applications for either reducing or minimizing the generated noise KROSS AIR manufactures square & rectangular Sound Attenuators, cylindrical Sound Attenuator, Cross Talk Attenuators, which provide effective and predictable noise reduction at substantial savings over other and ordinary methods.

These are factory calibrated and designed by CAD (computer aided design) under given parameter conditions. The use of silencers, which are accurately rated under operating conditions, is a matter of prime importance. Effective, economical application of noise control methods depends upon accurate knowledge of system silencing requirements. An under silenced job is worthless and an over silenced job is costly. For optimum sizing of Sound Attenuator,  election is made through (CAD) Computer Aided Design.
Standard Types and Models
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